Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Em Cosmetics - The Great Cover Up Ultimate Concealer Review ♡

Don't you just love the excitement of receiving a package? ^^ Well, I got 2 today which is awesome! :)

I once again ordered a makeup from Em Cosmetics and this time it's the concealer! It came in the mail today cos you can't really buy it in a store at the moment but I think they're opening one in New York (Lucky them!) ^^ 

So let's proceed! :)

As usual, it has a very pretty packaging which I love and what makes me more excited is besides the actual package that you have to open, you'll see that it is then again wrapped in a pink paper with a little  Em sticker.

TADA!!! ^^

So here's the shade that I got which I'm not really sure if it's gonna match my skin tone but I'll give it a try since I can always return if it's gonna be too light for me.

And here's what's written on the side of the box.

Here's a look inside the box which I think is very elegant cos it has all the Em words written all over it.

And finally the over all look of the concealer which I didn't expect to be this tiny but I think a little goes a long way so we'll see how long it is gonna last me! :)

Here's the opening of the tube which I believe that you can also use as an applicator.

I swatched a little bit of it on my hand and I'd say it's very creamy but as I blend it, it seems to have a powdery/matte finish to it which is good for my oily skin. I don't think I even have to wear powder on top of this! :) Perfect if you're achieving a natural look.

You also get a card from Michelle Phan which I think is cute! ^^

Overall, I've only just bought 2 things from Em Cosmetics but so far I haven't been disappointed! :)

I got the Pillow Plush Lip Balm first and up to now, it's been my favorite balm! :) I always use it in the morning before I put on my favorite lipstick and at night alongside my nightly skin care routine.

I could just imagine using The Great Cover up concealer with a very light pink blush on and the Bubblegum Pillow Plush lip balm. Oh! I could create a simple everyday look! :)

Hmmm... What do you think should be my next purchase from Em? 
I'm thinking about the CC Cream or the Chiaroscuro! ^^
We'll see! :)

And for my second small package :)

I have here a perfume sample from ESTEE LAUDER! :) I don't really remember asking for a sample of this but I might have signed up for something or I'm just lucky to get freebies! :p

My mother is such a fan of this brand so I'm definitely gonna give her this! :) Most of my perfume samples that I usually get from Sephora, it can usually last me 2 - 3 months! :p I don't usually use perfume that much so that explains it! :)

So once again, I hope you guys like my short review!
You guys have a wonderful day and stay happy and beautiful as you are! :)
xxoo, Hya


  1. I wish EM cosmetics will reach Philippines soon. :)

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    1. Sana nga :) because they have good products. Baka mag expand din sila soon :)
      Sure! ^^

  2. ^ I agree! I hope they can ship worldwide soon, though I think their products will be a bit pricey if ever it will reach the Philippines since may TAX pa. :/ :)