Friday, October 4, 2013

Goodbye Old Makeups ♡

Where do you put your old makeups? :) Do you just set them aside? Do you share it with other people? Or do you just dump it? :)

Through out the years, I've been buying, receiving and collecting makeups and it's just now that I realized that Boy! I have tons of them! But where do I put them? Those that I don't use anymore and those that I just got tired of using! :p

Well today, I made a choice to check out all the makeups that I do not use anymore and these are everything that I gathered! :)  It's so hard for me to give away makeups because I feel like it is a big part of me :p I know it sounds funny but today was different.

I've always felt so attached to these stuff but today I was feeling confident and decided to just browse through them and carefully think of what other people can still use like the Estee Lauder Mascaras that I haven't even touched and would probably dry out soon if nobody use it or the NARS blush on that I don't feel compliments my skin anymore and the Olay BB Cream that I just recently bought but then I purchased another brand of BB Cream that is way better so I didn't feel like using this anymore.

Even though there's so many things that I don't wanna let go like the sample Chanel Mascara that I got from a subscription box, the Urban Decay eye liners and eye shadow that I barely used... I've made up my mind.
I'm only doing this because there's so much makeup that I want to buy in the future and I gotta make room for them! I suppose you need give yourself a change once in a while. Let go of things that aren't beneficial to you anymore. Sounds like life. :p

And to add to the things that I'm gonna let go are these! I'm such a big fan of metallics, glitters, Sally Hansen and Essie but I got my eye on something new right now like YSL, Dior and Chanel. I am very excited to build another collection and just start new! ^^ 

Good thing I didn't dispose this box yet cos everything I had to let go fits just right in here! Now it's all sealed, I just gotta figure out who to give this! :p A box full of makeup and nail polish! They are mostly used though so I better just give this to someone I know so that She or "He???" could figure out what she can still use or just throw away!  :)

Give your makeup box or train case a makeover too! :) 
Start new and feel new!
Build yourself a new collection, explore and have fun! 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 


  1. Oh! Tons of make up!

    You can give them to me, if you want <3 I don't mind if most of them are already used :)

    It would really mean a lot to me. :)

    1. Hi Yeh Sha! ^^

      Awwww... I'm sorry I already sent the package to my cousin in the Philippines :(

    2. Aw. Too bad, but It's okay. Maybe next time.. if you'll be needing again someone to receive your old makeups, I'm always here! Haha! Oh! And BTW I'm from Philippines too :)