Monday, April 21, 2014

My Favorite Skincare & Makeup Products for the Month of April

Hello everyone! It's Monday again and I'm back for another blog. Today I'll be sharing with you guys my favorite skincare and makeup products for the month of April. I know we're only halfway through the month but I'm very confident with these products because I use them almost everyday for the past weeks now so I know that they really are my favorite for this month. Also I am trying out the quality of pictures from my new cellphone which is the Galaxy S5 so all the shots that you're gonna see from my blog today are raw pictures which literally have no filter at all from the GS5 which is pretty awesome.

Let's begin with skincsare. This is my favorite hand cream of the month from L'OCCITANE ($12 USD 30 ml) and what I love about this product is that the smell is not too strong and it works really well. I've been seeing this in Sephora for quite some time now but I only bought it when I saw Kris Aquino (Filipina Celebrity - The Philippine President's Sister) raving about it on her show. Actually I didn't buy it, my boyfriend got it for me and I was just so excited to use it. The moisturizing power of this hand cream I'd say lasts for about 2-4 hours I guess depending on your skin or body chemistry but I always have to re-apply it every 2-3 hours. 

Next for my skincare favorite is this Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care by Chanel ($50 USD). It is a lip balm that makes your lips so smooth and is an excellent base for lipstick but you can also put this on top of it for a glossy finish. I normally just use this twice a day because I use a different lip balm that is in a lipstick form when I'm out cause it's just easier than rubbing my finger on this lip balm which is a little unsanitary too. Plus I like the feeling of putting this only after I wash my face and including it in my whole skincare routine But it's just me, I mean, you can definitely use this product as often as you want because it's such a good formula and will not irritate your lips, it's so light and you'll instantly feel the luxury of it as you put it on.

Now let's proceed to makeup and this one is the Second Skin Creme by Happy Skin (P1,199 PHP) which you can only purchase in the Philippines. This foundation feels really light and it makes you feel like you're not wearing any makeup at and all it's almost like the same feeling when I'm using my Vitalumiere by Chanel. Happy Skin products are supposed to be really good on your skin even after you remove the makeup so I'm a big believer of this brand. 

Last but not the least is the Touche Eclat by YSL ($41 USD) which everyone knows and talks about. Just like what I said in my previous blog, It's a miracle what this highlighter can do, little swipe to the inner corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose, a little bit to your forehead, chin and cheekbones and you'll look flawless and just ready to face the world. 

So that's it for my monthly favorite, I hope you guys have a wonderful day.
See you again next Monday!

I'm loving the camera of the Galaxy S5!
It certainly is the next big thing! :p


  1. You made me think about the S5.. he he.. but I think I'll wait for the Note 4 before deciding what to buy.. :))

  2. I can even check my heart rate with this after working out! Really cool!!! ^^